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MetroMagic #3

By Gamefield
5 July 2019 - 18:00 CEST

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Gamefield Regulation


If your opponent has unsportsmanlike conduct, only evidence where insults, ridicule or contempt can be seen will be accepted. If the game has animations or another it will not be accepted (Use the mute function to avoid it).

Procedure to start a match

When you and your opponent are assigned a match, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Press the button "I am ready" both players, if a player presses the ready button, his opponent will have 10 minutes to confirm or he will be disqualified.
  2. < li> Add your opponent on the game platform
  3. Pick and bans phase (if the competition requires it), each player will have 10 min in each phase to select or they will be disqualified.
  4. < li> Send via party chat (Web) captures always, except when the specific rules of the event specify that they are not necessary.
  5. Dispute the matches by entering the results one by one.

If any of these points is not fulfilled you can request the victory of the match for non-compliance.

NOTE: If the player disconnects by accident see below what to do in that case.

NOTE: Claims must be made before the end of the match, or you will lose the right to claim the match.

Any incident not mentioned here about the procedure always remains the discretion of the administrator.

Procedure in results

The two players must confirm the result game by game, if one enters the result If you indicate that your opponent has won, you will have 6 minutes to confirm the result of the game, in case you do not confirm at this time you will lose the game.

It is important to always check the game sheet to introduce The results of the games one by one.

Disconnects and crashes

If you or your opponent loses the connection during the game, the player who loses the connection will be given the game as lost. (This point applies as long as the rules of the game to compete do not indicate otherwise)

Problems within the game or derived from the game platform

If you or your opponent If you have problems with the game or the services of the game platform, you must immediately notify the administrator to mediate a solution to the problem.

GameField is not responsible for the state of the account of the player or third party services.

GameField service crash

In case GameField services are not available during the confirmation period or during the tournament, they will be executed the following measures:

  1. If it is not available during the confirmation period, once the services of GameField are restored, it will communicate via Twitter , the extension of the confirmation period. And we will proceed to reestablish the brackets that are generated.
  2. If during the execution of the tournament GameField services are not available, all the information will be indicated via Twitter
Resolution of complaints and calls to administrators

For a complaint can be resolved correctly, it must at least contain an image or video evidence that justifies the facts. GameField reserves the right not to admit any of the tests presented.

The calls to the administrator are for the cases in which you encounter a doubt or problem of the current game. False or unnecessary notices can cause you to lose the game.

Prize Payments

Prizes that are from GP will be placed in your wallet that all players have in their account (The prize may take 24 to 48 hours to be reflected in your portfolio).

Digital prizes (Balance Codes, Skins, etc.) will depend on the organizer's deadlines, if the indicated deadline For this, send an email to reclamaciones@gamefield.es or contact the help center in the category of prizes.

The physical prizes will be sent to the address specified in the detailed account information, in If you want to specify another address, you must contact the organizer to arrange a new shipping address.


All accounts on the web are the property of GameField. Any attempt to sell or exchange is strictly prohibited and may be subject to sanction. Including match fixing. GameField reserves the right to temporarily deactivate or suspend any account that violates the regulations.

GameField reserves the right to modify any regulations if necessary, in addition to being able to make decisions for greater cause to guarantee the proper functioning of the competition.


Magic: The Gathering Arena General Rules


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